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A wonderful blend of acoustic styles, SENSIBLE SHOES is guaranteed to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. Standard fare may include Celtic, Nordic, and American folk; swing; and a sampling of original tunes and songs, all performed with chamber-like vocals and intricate instrumental arrangements. Who wears the shoes in this Band? Read on...

Chris Barton, award-winning composer and performer, is the vocal centerpiece of the group. Her penchant for conversation, as well as her correctly proportioned vocal chords, allows her easy access to all of the musical styles included in the Shoes' repertoire. She is comfortable on guitar, banjo, hammered dulcimer, and washboard. Academic credentials in music composition and music therapy pale before a Parents’ Choice award for children’s music.

Bill Barton, a well-known, well-preserved member of the Ann Arbor music scene since the late 1970s, provides the instrumental foundation for the Shoes' sound. His no-nonsense approach to academic life at IUPUI has not encroached one bit upon his more "sensible" style of performing. Be it guitar, fiddle, or octave mandolin; whatever the style, Professor Bill makes himself right at home.

When the occasion is right, Chris and Bill add a third shoe, Bill Bailey, a percussionist who can be found playing washboard, scrub board, bones, bodhran, wooden shoes, triangle, cowbell (More Cowbell!), and, yes, a real kitchen sink – if it makes noise, he makes music with it.

Suitable for every occasion, SENSIBLE SHOES is an outstanding value for the price!

Sample Songs:

Swingin' On A Gate

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Great High Wind

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Featured Performances

Cochlear Implant 2007 International Conference
Panther Stadium
Raleigh, NC
Keynote Performer Inaugural American Music Therapy Convention
Cleveland, OH
Penrod Arts Fair-Indianapolis, IN
Children’s Museum-Indianapolis, IN
The Ark-Ann Arbor, MI
Oakland University Summer Concert Series-Rochester, MI
Power Center for the Performing Arts-Ann Arbor, MI
Meadowbrook Music Theater-Rochester, MI
Riverfest-Chattanooga, TN
Royal Oak Music Hall-Royal Oak, MI
Meadowbrook Music Festival-Rochester, MI
Bemidji Arts Council-Bemidji, MN
Bix Biederbeck Festival-Davenport, IA
Toledo Art Museum-Toledo,OH
Ann Arbor Folk Festival-Hill Auditorium-Ann Arbor, MI
Wheatland Music Festival-Remus. MI
Temple Theater-Saginaw, MI
International Symphony Orchestra-Windsor, Ontario, CAN
West Shore Symphony Orchestra-Muskegon, MI
Kenosha Symphony Orchestra-Kenosha,WI
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